specialty painting service macomb

Faux finishes are probably the most popular form of specialty painting. Their basic premise is imitation: to make ordinary drywall appear as another material.  It can make new walls look like historic antiques with a distressed wood grain or crackling plaster finish. If you want marble floors, ceilings, or walls, these experts can swirl any surface area in order to appear authentically marbleized. You can even paint your walls to look like wallpaper with subtle stripes, streaks, or striations. It’s cheaper, less messy, and easier to remove than the real thing.

Tired of looking at that drab gray concrete slab in your basement, garage, workshop, or rec room? Whether you’re looking to apply an epoxy based floor coating in the garage or a stenciled concrete stain in the rec room, concrete painting is a cost effective way to drastically improve the looks of any space.